Chicken breed

Choosing the Right Chicken Breed to Fit Your Climate and Lifestyle

When choosing a chicken breed that will fit your climate and lifestyle, you will have to first decide why you are going to raise chickens in the first place. All chickens lay eggs however, some do not lay eggs often, then again some will lay them quite frequently, some lay small eggs, some lay medium, and some lay large and extra large eggs. There are chicken breeds that are consider, duel-purpose, they grow fast so you do not need to wait long for the meat and until mature enough for slaughter they will give you eggs. Of course there are some chickens that have been bred for the meat so, they are ready for slaughter before they begin to lay eggs, in most cases. Here are four things to consider when choosing the right chicken breed for your climate and lifestyle, egg production only, meat production only, egg and meat production combined, and exhibitions only. Then of course, there are also people who just like raising chickens as a hobby and for the fun of it so, the particular breed does not matter as much, as long as the chickens are docile. Now, the next thing to consider is where you live, how much room is available for a chicken coop, which is or will be a determining factor in how large a coop and how many chickens you will be able to keep. If you live in a climate that has severely cold winters then you will need to decide on a chicken breed that can adapt to the cold harsh winters. You can also insulate your coop and weather proof-it as well to help cut down the drafts and help keep it a little warmer. If you live in a desert climate, you will need to do kind of the opposite, make sure the coop is well ventilated in the heat of summer because, the heat can stress the chickens greatly, reducing their egg-laying capacity. There are chicken breeds that do well in the heat but, they still need to have shade and plenty of water with electrolytes added to help reduce heat stress. As you can see there is a lot involved when trying to choose the right chicken breed for your climate and lifestyle, and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Other things you will need to learn about are things like, chicken coops and which is right for your situation, chicken feed, scratch, egg-laying pellets (pellets that help increase egg lay production), and other thing's chicken's like to eat. The best thing to do before buying baby chicks or chickens is research, there is a lot to know but, it is easy to learn and chickens are fairly easy and fun to take of and they do make very good pets. 

by Miriam Rolling – poultry farmer